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Marbella 100" Console Table

Our Marbella Console Table reveals distinctly rustic influences, consciously handcrafted from sustainable reclaimed pine and topped with beautifully veined and dynamic bluestone. Place this versatile accent in the foyer to greet visitors into a warm, inviting space, or pair it with a host of living room furniture styles.

  • Reclaimed Pine
  • Bluestone Top
  • Solid Wood Construction

Elevate Your Entryway with the Marbella 100" Console Table: Timeless Design and Exceptional Craftsmanship

Introducing the Marbella 100" Console Table, a sophisticated addition to your home that seamlessly blends timeless design with functional elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this console table makes a statement in any entryway or living space.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Dimensions: The Marbella 100" Console Table boasts an expansive surface, providing a striking focal point for your entryway or living room. Its generous dimensions allow for creative styling and personalized decor.

  2. Timeless Design Aesthetics: With its timeless design, the Marbella Console Table effortlessly transcends trends. Clean lines, a refined finish, and subtle detailing make it a versatile piece that complements various interior styles.

  3. Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted for durability, the Marbella Console Table is built to withstand the test of time. The quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure a sturdy and enduring addition to your home.

  4. Versatile Placement: Whether placed against a wall or used to divide spaces, the Marbella Console Table adapts to your needs. Its versatile design allows for seamless integration into different areas of your home.

  5. Functional Elegance: The Marbella Console Table not only enhances the aesthetic of your space but also offers functional elegance. Utilize the ample surface for decorative displays, personal items, or even as a stylish workspace.

Why Choose the Marbella 100" Console Table?

  • Entryway Statement: Make a lasting impression in your entryway with the grandeur of the Marbella Console Table. Its impressive size and design elements set the stage for a welcoming and elegant home.

  • Timeless Appeal: Invest in a console table that stands the test of time. The Marbella's timeless appeal ensures that it remains a chic and relevant piece in your home decor.

  • Versatility Redefined: From entryways to living rooms, the Marbella 100" Console Table seamlessly integrates into various spaces, allowing you to redefine and personalize different areas of your home.

Elevate your home with the Marbella 100" Console Table – a perfect blend of timeless design and enduring craftsmanship.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions: W:100" x D:21" x H:32"
  • Hand finished distressed finish

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