updated delivery information

We all know the world has been upside-down the past year. We hope you and your family are well and getting through this difficult year.

We are experiencing unprecedented Delays in Shipping, Receiving & Delivery from all vendors in the U.S. and throughout the world.

It has been difficult to accurately predict dates as information from “reliable” suppliers keeps changing. This has affected your “Approximate Availability and Delivery Dates”. 

All Availability Dates are based on our best info but should be considered “Approximate”.  

We will always be transparent with you and we will always give you the most accurate shipping and delivery times based on information from trusted suppliers and delivery services. 

We have anticipated some of the problems by purchasing more heavily and earlier than ever before. 

All items shown as “In Stock” are in our inventory BUT our Furniture Delivery Services have been overwhelmed with the demand and are just starting to catch up.  

Please be patient, as we are diligently working to expedite all your orders. 

Thank you,
Peter Andrews